It's Square Sounds Melbourne - the Second Coming.

Appropriately taking place on 21&22/2/2020 we are returning to 24 Moons with another amazing line up, that includes a couple of past favourites, some new finds, and some names we've been wanting to bring you for a very long time.

For the uninitiated, Square Sounds is currently the the world's longest running chipmusic and retro-technology focused festival. Taking place in Melbourne, Australia and Tokyo Japan, we currently have 13 shows in the current iteration under our collective belts, but are also the team that brought you Blip Tokyo and Blip Australia.

Expect old school synths, video game consoles from years passed, pixelated graphics, workshops, an open mic,  banging tunes, good times and an experience you just won't get anywhere else. Watch this space as we release more details. 

See you soon for version 2.0, and you know it's going to be something special. 


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