After stumbling upon LSDJ in 2011, Marie started creating hard-hitting, melodic and frantic chiptune with the support of the local DIY/antifascist scene of her quaint hometown of Rheims, right in the middle of Champagne Country.

Since relocating to Paris in 2017, she released breakout EP Zenzoo Pop and started extensively touring across Europe, becoming a mainstay in the European chip scene.

In 2019, she unleashed the catchy and emphatic Do No Harm on Bytedoll Records while receiving high praise for her sets at events such as Chipwrecked and Gleeetch Me Hard. She is also very active beyond the scenes in the french chip scene, booking local and international acts in Paris with the help of the All You Can Eat collective.

Marie is making her first appearance outside of Europe for SSM and is stoked to see new faces and slam some tim-tams.


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