.mpegasus grew up on a diet of Spectrum games and prog rock albums
forced upon him by his dad.  A stew of influences was set on low heat
for a few decades, resulting in a signature potage sound - hints of the
8bit era, tangs of Amiga flavour, all served on a bed of progressive

This style can be heard on his ongoing Quixotica collection - to date,
20 tracks of evocative, journey-like chiptune stretching from crowd
pleasing bops (Quixotica, Homespace) to soundscapes (Orthogony,
PixlSpace) with pitstops at weirdtown (Mutagenie, EjectTape).

Outside of this .mpegasus also produces music as Binster, with the most
recent album (Human Basic) providing his most polished and venue-filling
sound yet - If Not Now, When? and Anisometric are particular highlights
- and a synthwave side project (echoHeart) to boot.

An .mpegasus gig samples from all these musical collections, so expect
things to get a little bit mixed.  The most recent .mpegasus release, 20
GOTO 10, should give hints of where his sound is headed next...


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